The Pantry

We are located in Ravenna Ohio and started the pet food pantry after reading an article in Guideposts about Pike's Peak Pet Pantry.After hearing some heartbreaking stories of people having to surrender their pets due to finances and looking at my dog trying to imagine having to make that decision,we decided we had to do something to help.

    We started in March of 2009 by buying a couple of bags ourselves,then approached friends,family,and neighbors for donations.We have been blessed each week to have enough donations to give to the people scheduled.We have given as much as 1500 pounds in a week to families in need.We have helped families in every county.If they can get to us we will help.We have been just as blessed by the person we help.The tears,thank-yous,and hugs are our reward for what we do! 

The Founders 

My name is Rene Lamp  and I am the president/founder of the pet pantry.I also became an ordained minister  December 24 2009.I currently attend Bridge Bible Church in Brimfield.I am a domestic violence survivor and have been homeless.I know what it is like to be where many of the people who contact us have been.

   Tom Lamp,my husband,is the co-founder.He is my soul-mate.Without his help we would have never got done what we have.

     We have 2 rescued dogs,4 rescued cats,and 2 rescued birds. 

  The Volunteers

Ilse is our volunteer who handles most of the phone calls and handles the scheduling for me.I don't know what I would do without her!Her bio follows:

    "I am married and have 3 children.I have been an animal lover all of my life!Our house is a bit of a zoo.We currently have 3 birds,a turtle,a cat and 2 dogs.We have had as many as 6 cats,5 turtles,and 4 hamsters in the past,and if were up to our children we would have even more.I have gotten to know Tom and Rene and am so blessed to call them friends.We got involved with the pet pantry about a year ago and have been involved in fundraising and initial contact screening.It is a pleasure and a privilege to help pet owners ensure that they receive the pet food they need to care for their pets."


   Dana Ray has been such a huge help contacting places and people to help us get donations.She has also been helping me get food divided up and distribute it at the pick-ups.Here is her bio:

      " My name is Dana.  I have been working with rescues and transporters for about 6 years.  I can’t ever remember being without at least one dog in the house (all rescues – even growing up).  I currently have 4 kinda big ones.  My son’s career path took him out west, but he was raised to be an animal lover also. He too is very sympathetic to what is happening to all of the pets.  I have organized fund raisers to help save the Asian Moon Bear as well as helping out other rescues.  I met Rene and Ilse when the unemployment line hit me and I didn't know where to turn.  When it comes to my dogs I will do everything in my power to make sure they stay with me and are properly fed.  People Care Pet Pantry came to my rescue.  I am hoping that I can help them, help others, as they have helped me." 



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  • "This has been such a blessing to my husband and I. We have our birds that are our little babies to us. Our children are all grown. And our pets mean so much to us. It wounderfu..."
    Cindy Greathouse
    Thank you for all your help!
  • "This is a remarkable group! My cats and dogs are the brightest points of mine and mother's day. It is wonderful the amount of help we have recieved!"
    Michelle Johnson

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