Our Thanks

It is because of the donations of caring people that we can keep doing what we do.Whether it is one bag,one can or one dollar,it helps!!!To those people we want to say thank you!!!!

The individuals

J. Wolcott                        B. Bowles                J. Martin

M. Bradach                     J. and J Lamp

B and D Bowles            G.S. and K

B. Benson                       D. Smith

Companies and Groups

    Record Courier             Channel 19 news

    Petco                                           Christian Life Center

    Duke's Natural Pet Food       Portage County APL

     K.J's Tire                           Friends Of The Pound

    Channel 5 News                 Rose's Rescue

   Channel 8 news                   Davey Tree

    Devil Strip Dolly                 Robinson Memorial Hospital

   Western Reserve Co-Op       Brimfield Insurance

    Brimfield Bob Evans           Solon Bob Evans

    Ravenna Moose                   Hiram Police Dept.

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  • "This has been such a blessing to my husband and I. We have our birds that are our little babies to us. Our children are all grown. And our pets mean so much to us. It wounderfu..."
    Cindy Greathouse
    Thank you for all your help!
  • "This is a remarkable group! My cats and dogs are the brightest points of mine and mother's day. It is wonderful the amount of help we have recieved!"
    Michelle Johnson

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