Our Thanks

It is because of the donations of caring people that we can keep doing what we do.Whether it is one bag,one can or one dollar,it helps!!!To those people we want to say thank you!!!!

The individuals

J. Wolcott                      B. Bowles               Jim Martin

M. Bradach                   J. and J Lamp         Kelly Domres

B and D Bowles            G.S. and K              Pat Frank

B. Benson                     D. Smith                  Diane  Richard

Jill Kirsch                      John Dearolf            Diane Kozak

Kara Firestone              Tracy Cotopolis       Michelle & Rob Gonser

Fran Terrry                    Phyllis Mahaney      Kim & Bob Burdick

Kim Miklich

Companies and Groups

Record Courier                                 Channel 19 news

Petco                                                Christian Life Center

Duke's Natural Pet Food                  Portage County APL

K.J's Tire                                          Friends Of The Pound

Channel 5 News                              Rose's Rescue

Channel 8 news                              Davey Tree

Devil Strip Dolly                              Robinson Memorial Hospital

Western Reserve Co-Op                Brimfield Insurance

Brimfield Bob Evans                       Solon Bob Evans

Ravenna Moose                             Hiram Police Dept.

Shaws Automotive                         Stow Bob Evans

Pammer’s Petwear                        Boyd Esler Senior/Community Center

Storage Zone (Ravenna Ohio)       Constant Companions

A Few Bucks                                   Kara’s Canine Creations

Upcoming events

Saturday, Oct 3 at 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM


  • "Iam so grateful to have found you and for all your help. As a single mom on a limited income times are very rough. The thought of not being able to keep my pets because of lack ..."
    Angela Roberts
  • "What a FANTASTIC program! helping owners keep their pets so that we dont end up with another problem of animals w/NO homes! You are helping to save lives along with giving the o..."
    Kristin Finley
    President of Wallaces Run in Copley

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