Our Process

1)  Those in need contact us by calling this phone number (330-389-5116) and leaving a message

2)  Either myself or one of my volunteers will then contact the person to get more information.

3)  People are then put on a schedule and contacted to let them know the pick up day.

Please understand we get as many as 100 calls a day .... you must be patient and wait your turn.

We Do

  • Promote the spay / neuter programs

  • Treat all people with respect as we would want to be treated

  • Ask questions to ensure there is financial hardship

  • Schedule people based on the donations we have

  • Have a maximum cat and dog food amount we allot to one family

  • Go by a recommended feeding guideline

  • Love to get pictures of the animals we help

  • At home inspections will be done if any abuse is suspected.

We Do Not

  • Judge any person who contacts us (we have all been there)

  • Guarantee a specific brand (all food is donated)

  • Condone animals be tied out and left unattended. 

  •  Deliver food (unless extremely urgent)

Upcoming events

Saturday, Oct 3 at 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM

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  • "Iam so grateful to have found you and for all your help. As a single mom on a limited income times are very rough. The thought of not being able to keep my pets because of lack ..."
    Angela Roberts
  • "What a FANTASTIC program! helping owners keep their pets so that we dont end up with another problem of animals w/NO homes! You are helping to save lives along with giving the o..."
    Kristin Finley
    President of Wallaces Run in Copley

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