Quotes This is a remarkable group! My cats and dogs are the brightest points of mine and mother's day. It is wonderful the amount of help we have recieved! Quotes
Michelle Johnson

Quotes Iam so grateful to have found you and for all your help. As a single mom on a limited income times are very rough. The thought of not being able to keep my pets because of lack of funds to feed them would be the hardest decision. With your help I know my babies won't go without. God Bless...Angela Quotes
Angela Roberts

Quotes What a FANTASTIC program! helping owners keep their pets so that we dont end up with another problem of animals w/NO homes! You are helping to save lives along with giving the owners more time to find new jobs..etc.. My partner here at my rescue, also happens to be my Dad (Gene Halamay)! He sadly passed away in Oct 2012. I made a promise to him that I would help the animals in his name. People care pet pantry is a FANTASTIC way to help! Great job guys! Looking forward to working with you! Blessings to you all! Quotes
Kristin Finley
President of Wallaces Run in Copley

Quotes I am so happy that there is someone who has been able to help us all,in keeping our precious pets which are like family to us in many ways,also in helping those animals that are in need of homes finding a happy one for them.This has been a blessing to me in alot of ways and also to my pets, God Bless and Thank you. Quotes
Grace George

Quotes I would like to thank all the people who made this program possible . Especially the volunteers who give their time to help those in need regardless of the circumstances that got us there. This program is truly a blessing. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH !! Quotes

Quotes This has been such a blessing to my husband and I. We have our birds that are our little babies to us. Our children are all grown. And our pets mean so much to us. It wounderful you come in the doorand our birds great us. I have thought of giveing our birds away, some of them because of the $ burden. But because we can get help here with our pet food. I dont, and I wont have to. Thank you for all that you do with the Lord God blessing you to help us. This is a ministry to helping people. Thank you Lord, and thank you all of you who help the many of us to be able to continue to be able to keep or pets-our families thank you. God Bless all of you who help us. In every way , you help out PET PANTRY ALL OF YOU! Quotes
Cindy Greathouse
Thank you for all your help!

Quotes Thank you so much for helping us,we didn't know how much longer we would be able to keep our dogs!God Bless You!!!! Quotes
Thank you

Quotes I saw their add on craigs list, that my Pastor had gotton me hooked onto the craigs list. And I saw their add on here. We have been in need of help with our pets. We have 7 birds that they have helped us with. Its been great, because there are times we have so needed help. The Lord God has used Pet Pantry have been there to help so many of us that have needed help. My husband is the only one working in our family, I am out of my jobs. They have been a real God send to my family. Thank yoy Lord Jesus! They are so nice and so careing here. God is really useing them to help us to keep our pets, thank you for obeying the calling that the Lord has put on your life to help others, and for God to show people, he even cares for our pets amen! Quotes
Cindy Greathouse
Thank you for your help

Quotes A friend told me about your program. I think it is a wonderful thing for people who are having a hard time keeping there animals fed and cared for. Thank you so much! Quotes

Quotes We are so grateful for all of you help for the pet products. Please keep us informed on when you need any help. Quotes